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How do you win the sushi spinnery contest?

How do you win the sushi spinnery contest?

There are two ways to win a contest….Contests

  1. Neighborhood Contest (#1): Tamago + Kizaminori + Sweet Sauce = [SauceTamago].
  2. Municipal Contest (#2): Ika + Rock Salt + Mayonnaise.
  3. School Contest (#3): Amaebi + Rock Salt + Daikon Oroshi (OR Mayonnaise if you don’t have it yet) = [SaltAmaebi].

How do you get sushi coins in sushi spinnery?

In order to generate Sushi Coins (SC), you need to use interior objects as you said. I found out that the best way to get a lot of sushis coins is to do all the PR missions and make two L shaped belts with the facilities inside the square formed by the two L-shaped belts.

Can you make sushi in Kairosoft sushi spinnery?

Welcome to the quick start guide for Kairosoft’s newest sim game, The Sushi Spinnery. Create your own sushi restaurant, develop new and unusual dishes, and attract a wide variety of customers in an effort to make your restaurant the best. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the game world.

What do you do in sushi spinnery?

Sushi kaidō In The Sushi Spinnery, you own and run a sushi parlor. You may upgrade your sushi parlor, hire new talent, and cater to the needs of different customers. Customers are the main source of your income, and each have their own preferences.

What is the sushi belt and how does it work?

Staff are responsible for making sushi that will be placed on the sushi belt, which is important for actually turning a profit from customers that visit your store. Training your staff is important as well to raise their stats, but during their training they will be limited in what they can do.

How many sushi topping pairings are there?

A topping that is compatible with both ingredients will give bonuses to both in the final sushi roll. There are 36 pairs with both having ‘A’ compatibility, 226 pairs with one ‘A’ and one ‘B’, and 654 pairs with both having ‘B’ compatibility.