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How do you give margin to the bottom of a border?

How do you give margin to the bottom of a border?

You have to use box sizing property to set the margin from you border.

How do I give a border a margin in CSS?

  1. Margin – single side style. We can use the margin specifying property for each element: margin-left, margin-right, margin-top, margin-bottom.
  2. Borders with style.
  3. Borders with color.
  4. Border widths.
  5. Borders – single side style.
  6. Padding – single side style.
  7. Outline width.
  8. Outline color.

How do you add bottom margins in CSS?

The margin-bottom CSS property sets the margin area on the bottom of an element. A positive value places it farther from its neighbors, while a negative value places it closer….Formal definition.

Initial value 0
Computed value the percentage as specified or the absolute length
Animation type a length

How do you add a border on padding?

No, that’s not possible. Padding, margin and border are all parts of elements, you can’t give a border padding or a margin a border.

How is border box different from content box?

border-box tells the browser to account for any border and padding in the values you specify for an element’s width and height. If you set an element’s width to 100 pixels, that 100 pixels will include any border or padding you added, and the content box will shrink to absorb that extra width.

Which CSS property is correct for the border-bottom Mcq?

Explanation: The border-bottom-width CSS property sets the width of the bottom border of a box. 4.

How do I change the bottom border-width in CSS?

The border-bottom-width property sets the width of an element’s bottom border. Note: Always declare the border-style or the border-bottom-style property before the border-bottom-width property. An element must have borders before you can change the width.

How do I change the bottom border size in CSS?


  1. Create background image(s) with linear-gradient() .
  2. Use background-size to adjust the width / height of above created image(s) so that it looks like a border.
  3. Use background-position to adjust position (like left , right , left bottom etc.) of the above created border(s).