What is a Jesus Hurts donut?

What is a Jesus Hurts donut?

Jesús: “It’s like our version of a churro, but it’s a donut,” says Larson. Those who’ve never eaten a churro can enjoy this stand-in: a cake donut with a caramel, cinnamon and sugar topping.

How much is a donut from hurts?

Other menu options include single doughnut sales, costing $1, $1.50 or $2, apple fritters for $3, cinnamon rolls for $5, a pint of milk for $1.75 and a dozen doughnut holes for $2. The colorful dining room is host to pun-filled signs, and clever posters line the walls.

Are hurts donuts gluten free?

The doughnuts are “gluten-free-ish,” meaning the doughnuts are made without gluten but could have come in contact with flour in the kitchen. Donald Page, the owner of the Norman Hurts Donut location, said the shop is making around 10 trays of vanilla-flavored, gluten-free doughnuts.

What is the best Hurts donut?

While Hurts features two different types of red velvet cake donuts, the one with cream cheese frosting is clearly the fan favorite. With a flaky yet filling base topped with a decorative cookie monster design made of frosting and multiple crushed up oreo cookies, this donut is one of Hurt’s most popular.

How did hurts donuts get its name?

The name, Hurts Donut, comes from a silly joke. You ask someone if they want a Hurts Donut. If they say yes, you punch them on the arm and say, “Hurts, don’t it.” As for the restrooms, well, the graphics on the restroom doors indicate which one to use.

How many hurts Donuts locations are there?

We had less than $7 left in our bank account when we opened the doors to the public, and now there are 16 stores in the US!

What is a dirty dozen at hurts donuts?

Dirty Dozen – You Choose the Donut Selection. 12 of our Signature round donuts you select. Call store for current availability. $22.50. A Little Dirty – You choose the Donut Selection.

Do Krispy Kreme do gluten-free donuts?

Krispy Kreme is not going to be the best place to visit if you have a gluten allergy. They don’t have any gluten-free donut options so that weeds out most of what they are known for. However, if you’re on the road and looking to pick up a coffee to go, it might be an alright place to stop.

Is Dunkin Donut coffee gluten-free?

Are Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffees gluten free? Yes, they are. Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffees aren’t made with any gluten-containing ingredients.

Where was the first Hurts Donut?

For a brand that got its start in Midwest America less than six years ago, growth has been strong. The first Hurts location opened in November 2013 in Springfield, with the second following just a short seven months later in Norman, Oklahoma.

Who are the owners of hurts donuts?

Hewitt comes on board as the coronavirus pandemic has slowed operations at Hurts Donut, said founder and CEO Tim Clegg. He said sales are down about 10% this year, following a 10% increase in revenue last year to around $22.1 million.

Are all hurts donuts cake donuts?

Although they have over 70 flavors of doughnuts, they only make a chocolate and vanilla cake doughnut, which leads the dessert flavors to all blend together. Hurts is a niche dessert shop with a good concept.