What is a sentence with facetious?

What is a sentence with facetious?

Facetious Sentence Examples Tom thinks he’s being funny, but he’s only being facetious and rude. She was a facetious person, intending to be amusing. Sorry if that sounds facetious, but it is a valid point. Trying to talk to Jim about serious financial issues is difficult because of his facetious personality.

What does factious mean in English?

Definition of factious : of or relating to faction: such as. a : caused by faction factious disputes. b : inclined to faction or the formation of factions. c : seditious.

Is there a word facetiously?

Facetious is an adjective (“not serious,” “waggish”), while facetiousness is a noun (“the state or quality of being facetious”). The adverb form is facetiously.

What is notable about the word facetiously?

in a way that is not serious, in an attempt to be funny or to appear clever about a serious subject : She facetiously challenged him to a ski race. The finale of the film comes off facetiously.

How do you use factious in a sentence?

Factious in a Sentence 🔉

  1. While Jeff hoped his idea would bring the church members together, his plan was factious and split the church in half.
  2. The billionaire was a factious man who enjoyed creating tasks that put his employees at odds with each other.

What does factious mean in the Bible?

Definitions of factious. adjective. dissenting (especially dissenting with the majority opinion) synonyms: dissentious, divisive discordant. not in agreement or harmony.

What is a word for not taken seriously?

not meant to be taken seriously or literally: a facetious remark. amusing; humorous. lacking serious intent; concerned with something nonessential, amusing, or frivolous:a facetious person.

What do you call someone who doesn’t take things seriously?

impulsive. adjective. someone who is impulsive tends to do things without thinking about what will happen as a result.

What is it called when you say something but don’t mean it literally?

An Idiom is a phrase that does not mean what it literally implies. Although we, as Americans, may clearly understand what the writer using an idiom is trying to convey, a reader from another culture most likely would have no idea what is being said.

What does the word facetiously mean quizlet?

1. Not meant to be taken seriously or literally; a facetious remark. 2. Amusing; humorous. 3.

What is factitious in a sentence?

Factitious sentence example With the virtuous life was further to be conjoined a humble disposition to adore the Creator, avoiding all factitious forms of worship as worse than useless. A fourth sort consists of the very bad or wholly factitious pieces.