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What is ATIS in transportation?

What is ATIS in transportation?

ITS Applications Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) – Information provided to travelers pre-trip and during the trip in the vehicle.

What is the main goal of advanced Traveller information system ATIS?

The purpose of ATIS is to collect and send out information that helps travellers decide the best way to travel safely and efficiently.

What is its in travel?

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are the control and information systems that use integrated communications and data processing technologies for the purposes of: improving the mobility of people and goods. increasing safety, reducing traffic congestion and managing incidents effectively.

What is advanced public transportation systems?


  • Advance public transportation system improves safety, reliability, efficiency of the traffic and also reduces the cost .

What is advanced information system?

Advanced Information System Inc (AISI) provides information technology services. The Company offers software development and integration, infrastructure support, information technology security, as well as customer support services.

What are the benefits of intelligent transportation systems?

Advantages of Intelligent Transportation System

  • Reduction in stops and delays at intersections.
  • Speed control & improvement.
  • Travel time improvement.
  • Capacity management.
  • Incident management.

What is ITS technology?

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies advance transportation safety and mobility and enhance American productivity by integrating advanced communications technologies into transportation infrastructure and into vehicles.

How is transportation a system?

The textbook definition of a transportation system or mode is a system for moving persons or goods consisting of three components: (a) The vehicle (equipment) is what moves objects or traffic (people, goods). (b) The guideway is what the vehicles move along.

What is the impact of intelligent transport system to people?

The benefits of applying Intelligent Transportation Systems [20,21]: Increase of street throughput by 20–25%. Increase of road traffic safety (traffic accident reduction by 40–80%). Improvement of traveling comfort and traffic conditions for drivers, mass transit passengers and pedestrians.