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Can iPhone use Aircharge?

Can iPhone use Aircharge?

You can also achieve the wireless charging feature of the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus in your current iPhone by adding the Aircharge ‘Made for iPhone’ wireless charging case. Simply insert the iPhone into the case to be able to charge it wirelessly.

What phone do you need for Aircharge?


Model Released Aircharge compatible accessories
iPhone XR Sept, 2018 Aircharge wireless chargers
iPhone X Nov, 2017 Aircharge wireless chargers
iPhone 8/8 Plus Sept, 2017 Aircharge wireless chargers
iPhone 7/7 Plus Sept, 2016 iPhone 7 case iPhone 7 Plus case MFi Lghtning adaptor

Does Aircharge work on iPhone 6?

The Aircharge iPhone 6 Plus /6S Plus case is MFi certified to ensure it works perfectly with your phone, providing wireless charging with simplicity and style. Once added to your iPhone, simply place on any Qi wireless charger to charge wirelessly.

Do wireless chargers need to be MFi certified?

If the wireless charger is just used to charge up iPhones, then it doesn’t have to be MFi certified. However, some multi-device wireless chargers also can be used to charge the Apple Watch, in which case, the magnetic charging module for the watch needs to be MFi certified.

How does Aircharge work in McDonald’s?

Wireless Charging in McDonald’s McDonald’s approached Aircharge in 2015 with a view to becoming the first fast food chain to introduce wireless charging to its offering and allow customers to top-up their phones at their tables without having to plug them in or bring a cable/accessory with them to the venue.

How does train Aircharge work?

With Aircharge you simply place your compatible device onto the charging pad without having to connect it with a cable, keeping your plug free for laptops or other devices.

What’s Aircharge in Mcdonalds?

How do I use Aircharge on train?

How do I know if my wireless charger is Qi certified?

Check whether the company is member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) – only companies that are members of the WPC and signed the Qi logo license agreement can certify a product. Always look for the Qi logo – the Qi logo can only be used legally for products that have Qi certification.

How do I know if my MFi is certified?

Checking a charger or accessory for MFi certification is a relatively easy process. If the product’s packaging has a “Made for iPhone” or “Made for iPad” badge, then you can usually trust that it’s MFi certified. If you’ve thrown away the packaging, you can look up the product on Google or Amazon.

What is train Aircharge?

The Aircharge is integrated directly into tables in SWR’s first class carriages as a complimentary service offered to passengers, enabling them to top up their mobile phone by simply placing the device onto the charger without the need of a cable. …