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What is a Marlin 336C?

What is a Marlin 336C?

The Marlin Model 336 is a lever action centerfire rifle and carbine produced since 1948. It is distinguishable from its predecessor the Model 36 by its open side ejection port and features a steel flat top receiver chrome-plated breech bolt and takedown design. Micro-Groove barrel rifling was implemented in 1956.

Did Ruger buy Marlin Firearms?

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is pleased to announce the initial production and shipment of Ruger-made, Marlin lever-action rifles. Just over a year after acquiring the assets associated with the Marlin brand, Ruger is shipping the first Marlin model, the 1895 SBL chambered in . 45-70 Govt.

Are all 30-30 rifles lever-action?

Because the majority of rifles chambered in . 30-30 are lever-action rifles with tubular magazines, most . 30-30 cartridges are loaded with round-nose or flat-nose bullets for safety.

What is the difference between Marlin Model 336C and 336W?

336W This model is identical to the 336C, except the Model 336W has a walnut-finished stock and a rubber butt plate instead of a recoil pad. 336XLR Produced in .30-30 Winchester, the Marlin Model 336XLR has a stainless steel receiver, a 24-inch stainless steel barrel, a laminated hardwood stock, and a pistol grip.

How much does a 336C pistol weigh?

Pistol-grip stock and semi-beavertail forearm are American walnut. Has been manufactured since 1984. The 1983 model was known as 336C. Had no hammer-block safety. Weight about 7 lbs. Similar to Model 336C in .30-30 only.

What kind of rifling does a Model 336 have?

The Model 336 family are icons of the deer woods. Each rifle features Micro-Groove rifling, ensuring that tags will be filled, mouths fed and the reign of America’s ultimate woods rifle will continue going strong.

What’s the difference between a 336A and 336sc?

Basically a 336A, with fore-end tip. Two-thirds magazine has 20″ barrel instead of 24″ found on 336A. NOTE: Add 25 percent for .219 Zipper. 336SC in a deluxe checkered stock version, with quick detachable swivels.