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Does Air NZ fly to Sri Lanka?

Does Air NZ fly to Sri Lanka?

There are no direct flights from New Zealand to Sri Lanka, but it is possible to get there with just 1 stop from Auckland.

How many domestic destinations does Air New Zealand fly to?

20 New Zealand destinations
Air New Zealand is the leading airline of New Zealand, and flies to 20 New Zealand destinations and also further afield including Australia, Asia, South Pacific, North America and more.

How many domestic airports are there in New Zealand?

41 domestic airports
According to the NZ Airports Association, there are 41 domestic airports in New Zealand, the major ones being Auckland Airport, Christchurch Airport, Dunedin Airport, Queenstown Airport and Wellington Airport.

What are the domestic airlines in NZ?

There are two main domestic airlines in New Zealand: JetStar and Air New Zealand.

How many hours is it from Sri Lanka to New Zealand?

Flying time from Sri Lanka to New Zealand The total flight duration from Sri Lanka to New Zealand is 13 hours, 53 minutes.

How long does it take to get to New Zealand from Sri Lanka?

Average direct flight time is 13 hours 18 minutes. The fastest direct flight from Sri Lanka to New Zealand is 13 hours 18 minutes.

Does Air NZ fly to Dubai?

Going to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB-Dubai Intl.)…Flights from Auckland to Dubai: Reviews from verified customers.

Origin Airport Auckland Intl.
Flight Price NZ$1,488
Distance 14117 km

Does Air New Zealand fly to Italy?

We provide free 24 hour cancellations and a wide variety of flight routes so that you can book your next trip with confidence….Air New Zealand Tickets to Italy.

Airport Code AKL
Country NZL
Airport Name Auckland Intl.
Number of Flights 10

What airlines fly in NZ?

Book a Flight to New Zealand

  • Air New Zealand(opens in new window) (national carrier)
  • Aerolineas Argentinas.
  • Air China.
  • Aircalin.
  • Air Canada.
  • Air Tahiti Nui.
  • ANA.
  • Asiana.

Do you need a passport to fly domestic NZ?

What identification documents do I need to check in at the airport? We may ask to see your drivers licence or passport, but we will also accept your Airpoints™ or Koru card, a major credit card with your name on it, birth certificate or a Community Services card.