What drug is in Revolution for cats?

What drug is in Revolution for cats?

Selamectin, the active ingredient in Revolution, is a macrocyclic lactone compound. These compounds effectively prevent the development of adult heartworms when administered to dogs and cats within one month of exposure to infective (L3) Dirofilaria immitis larvae.

Is Revolution for cats a prescription?

Revolution Plus is easy to apply and is a quick-drying solution for a mess-free administration. Revolution Plus requires a prescription from your veterinarian.

Do you need a vet prescription for revolution?

REVOLUTION is a prescription-only medication available only through a veterinarian, not a pesticide registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Is Selamectin the same as ivermectin?

Selamectin is a semisynthetic avermectin. Avermectins (ivermectinlike drugs) and milbemycins (milbemycin, doramectin, and moxidectin) are macrocyclic lactones. Avermectins and macrocyclic lactones share similarities, including mechanism of action.

Why does revolution plus require a prescription?

There are good reasons why Revolution is by prescription only. It is well worth the nominal charge for the veterinary visit to ensure that your dog is getting the correct medication for its parasite needs. The medication gets applied between the shoulder blades where it absorbs into the body.

Is Revolution the same as Frontline Plus?

Two of the biggest and most recognizable brand names in pet flea and tick control are Revolution and Frontline Plus. The primary difference between the two treatments is that Revolution protects against heartworm, while Frontline protects against a broader spectrum of ticks, lice and mites.

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