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Does INTERSPORT sell online?

Does INTERSPORT sell online?

At INTERSPORT you can easily and comfortably buy women’s, men’s and kids sportswear and sporting goods instore and online and you can also Click & Collect your desired items and pick up directly at the closest INTERSPORT sports store near you.


Intersport GmbH is a French sporting goods retailer based in Bern, Switzerland. Its purchasing division is IIC-Intersport International Corporation. It has a presence in 5800 locations and in 65 countries.

Which were the first three exclusive INTERSPORT brands?

INTERSPORT launched its first 3 exclusive brands: McKINLEY, etirel and TECNOpro. As Eastern Europe opened up, so did more stores. By the early 90’s, INTERSPORT had over 3000 locations worldwide.

Who owns INTERSPORT Australia?

Intersport has plans to open at least 100 stores around the country, including capital cities, by 2020 according to the company’s global chief executive, Franz Julen.

Does Intersport have Humm?

Shop at Intersport, pay later with humm Shopping at Intersport just got easier. With humm, you can buy now and pay later with regular, interest-free instalments. If humm big things is available at Intersport, you can apply via app or online (lending criteria, fees and T&Cs apply).

Where was Intersport founded?

INTERSPORT started in Europe in 1968 when 10 national sporting retailers came together. Their ultimate goal was to create an international sporting retail brand that gives customers a great retail experience and access to the world’s best sporting brands.

How many Intersport stores are there in the world?

5,500 stores
INTERSPORT globally has now grown to over 5,500 stores in 45 countries.

How many Intersport stores are there in Australia?

With over 70 stores across every state in Australia, there’s a store near you.

Does SportsPower have Openpay?

Openpay lets you spread the cost of the things you want and need over time, with no hidden fees. Click here to learn more about Openpay or find your local participating SportsPower store here!

Does Nike do Openpay?

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Can you use Openpay at Woolworths?

Under the agreement, Woolworths will launch Openpay’s portal across its payments and digital platform as part of Woolworths’ own B2B service. The retailer will use Openpay’s management platform for three years with an option to extend for an additional two years.

Does Woolworths have Openpay?

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