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What is Guile fighting style?

What is Guile fighting style?

Guile (ガイル, Gairu) is a fictional character in Capcom’s Street Fighter series of fighting games….Guile (Street Fighter)

Fighting style SF IV: Marine Corps Martial Arts Program; Martial arts infused with pro wrestling techniques (マーシャルアーツにプロレス技をブレンド, Māsharu Ātsu ni Puroresu waza o burendo)
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Is Guile based off polnareff?

In an interview with producer Noritaka Funamizu, he reveals that Guile’s overall appearance was modeled after Jean Pierre Polnareff, a character from the manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

How do you use Guile in Street Fighter 2?


  1. Sonic Boom – Hold Away, Forward + Any Punch Button.
  2. Flash Kick – Hold Down, Up + Any Kick Button.
  3. Double Flash SUPER – Hold Down Back Away, Half Circle Up Forward + Any Kick Button.
  4. Guile Gameplay.

What powers does Guile have?

Abilities. Guile’s two primary Special moves are the Sonic Boom (Projectile based attack) and Flash Kick (an anti-air attack). Both moves require a charge motion. Throughout the series, these have been Guile’s main special attacks and has been known to have more Super Attacks than special moves.

Is Rose a JoJo reference?

The series has made multiple references to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, as well as taking inspiration from several of the designs used in the series. The most notable of which are the character designs for fighters Guile and Rose.

What is Guiles sonic boom?

HOW DOES GUILE MAKE A SONIC BOOM? By charging up both arms and suddenly crossing them in front him, Guile fires a large energy projectile he dubs the Sonic Boom.

Are Cammy and Guile related?

Guile. Cammy and Guile in Super Street Fighter IV OVA Cammy and Guile are friends and often team up together with Chun-Li for missions (mostly involving Shadaloo).