What music can I play without a Licence?

What music can I play without a Licence?

Here are five suggestions that will allow you to play music without the costs:

  • Play the radio.
  • Play classical music.
  • Play copyright-free music.
  • Play original music.
  • Sell recorded music.
  • Cut out a performing rights society.

What does licensing mean in music?

Music licenses are the primary way artists can receive royalties for their music, by giving legal permission to someone who’d like to use their work. They are: synchronization license, mechanical license, master license, public performance license, print rights license, and theatrical license.

How do I get licensing for a song?

There are several music rights organizations that can grant those licenses, or provide contact information to a music publisher or record label that can grant those licenses. SESAC, a music rights organization based in the United States, provides sync licenses for many popular songs.

Does TuneCore license your music?

No, TuneCore does not register songs with the Copyright Office. However, registering your copyright with the Library of Congress makes this ownership part of the public record. This formal record affords the composer/author additional benefits.

Can I play music on my website legally?

No, you cannot legally put background music on your website, unless you have permission from the artist(s) or the work has been released under a permissive license (one of the Creative Commons permissive licenses for example).

How do I know if a song is licensed?

To check if a song is copyrighted you can:

  1. Check if it’s in the public domain on PDINFO.
  2. Check a video description on YouTube itself.
  3. Upload a video as unlisted or private first to check.
  4. Check for a copyright mark in the file name or file information.
  5. Pay the copyright experts.