Can you ride an elephant at Southwick Zoo?

Can you ride an elephant at Southwick Zoo?

Southwick’s Zoo doesn’t keep elephants year-round, but rents them for elephant rides from Have Trunk Will Travel, a company with a history of being notoriously brutal and violent to its elephants.

What rides are at the Southwick Zoo?

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of attractions including the Skyfari Sky Ride, Woodland Express Train, Soaring Eagle Zip Line, 35-acre Deer Forest, petting zoo, walk-through aviary, presentations and keeper talks, the Rainforest Adventure Maze, the EARTH Discovery Center, and so much more!

Is Southwick Zoo ethical?

Southwick’s Zoo is an old, family-owned zoo that was originally an exotic animal broker. Today, the zoo itself appears to be a generally humane facility as far as animal care goes.

What kind of animals are at Southwick Zoo?

Spanning over 200 acres, Southwick’s Zoo is New England’s largest zoological experience. Southwick’s is home to over 850 animals in naturalistic habitats including lions, tigers, giraffes, chimpanzees, white rhinos, two-toed sloths, and more.

What zoo can you ride an elephant?

Natural Bridge Zoo
Natural Bridge, Virginia: Natural Bridge Zoo Elephant Rides A real elephant you can ride, and a fiberglass elephant in the parking lot.

Where can I see elephants in Massachusetts?

Privately owned and maintained, Southwicks has the largest collection of endangered species (White Rhinoceros, African elephants) and some not-so-endangered animals in the region. This is one of the nicest zoos in the area.

How many zoos are in Massachusetts?

15 Zoos & Aquariums in Massachusetts: Map, Photos, + Reviews.

Does Southwick zoo have a lion?

Southwick’s Zoo is home to two lions; a male named L.J. and his sister, Levanna. L.J. and Levanna were born at our zoo in 2012.

Is Southwick zoo accredited?

The Southwick’s Zoo collection exhibit is centered mostly on the business of entertaining visitors. It has instead a ZAA ‘accreditation’ that does not fall under the respected WAZA, which is the unifying organization for the world zoo and aquarium community.

Does Southwick Zoo have flamingos?

Lesser Flamingo – Southwick’s Zoo.

Does Southwick Zoo have rhinos?

Southwick’s Zoo is home to two southern white rhinos, Thelma and Louise. EARTH Limited and Southwick’s offers the opportunity to meet the rhinos up close during rhino encounters.