Is it possible to save the Illusive Man?

Is it possible to save the Illusive Man?

If you survived the encounter, then The Illusive Man will now be dead. If Shepard shot him with a Renegade Interrupt, then he’ll be able to have one last look at Earth before dying.

How do I get the last Paragon Illusive Man?

To end the standoff with the Illusive man via Charm / Intimidate, you need to have previously used Charm / Intimidate in every conversation with him. There are 6 in total: Once on Mars, once on Thessia, once on the Cerberus Base, and three times in the final conversation on the Citadel.

Can you be both Paragon and Renegade?

“Evil” in terms of two independent ratings of “Paragon” and “Renegade”. It is very possible for a hero who is primarily Paragon to also have earned some Renegade points along the way, though this does not typically detract from his Paragon score.

When did the Illusive Man become indoctrinated?

He was indoctrinated around 2157 on Palaven while touching a Reaper Artifact.

What color is the Illusive Man in Mass Effect 2?

In the end scene of Mass Effect 2, the star behind the Illusive Man is blue. (Or red and blue if Shepard died.) In Mass Effect 3, you learn that Cerberus still managed to salvage some technology from the Human Reaper.

Who is the Illusive Man in Mass Effect Deception?

The Illusive Man is one of the main antagonists in Mass Effect: Deception. When Gillian Grayson discovers that the Illusive Man is responsible for the death of her father, she embarks on a quest to kill him. Perceiving Gillian to be a threat to Cerberus and himself, the Illusive Man dispatches Kai Leng to eliminate Gillian.

How many Paragon and Renegade can I import from Mass Effect?

Up to 190 Paragon and Renegade can be imported from Mass Effect. Only 56.25% (9/16 blocks) of the Paragon and Renegade bars need to be filled to achieve the maximum import value.

What happens at the end of Mass Effect 2?

Near the end of Mass Effect 2, players will find themselves taking on the Suicide Mission, and depending on how well they prepared for it beforehand, this mission could lead to dire consequences for Shepard and their squadmates. But that’s not the only concern when it comes to this mission.