Are VULY trampolines made in Australia?

Are VULY trampolines made in Australia?

Vuly Play (previously known as Trampolines Australia and Vuly Trampolines) is an Australian company that designs and manufactures recreational trampoline products and other outdoor play equipment. It was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Brisbane, Australia….Vuly Play.

Formerly Vuly Trampolines

Where are Jumpflex trampolines made?

New Zealand
Jumpflex is a newer company, launched in New Zealand in 2009, and it makes very good quality trampolines that come with solid warranties and pricing that’s more affordable than the top-tier brands.

Where are springfree trampolines made?

When Dr Keith Alexander was developing the Springfree Trampoline he was focused on safety. Dr Keith and his team of engineers searched the globe for the best quality materials and components. The main component, the patented fiberglass rods are made in Gisborne and most of the plastics are from Christchurch.

Are Springless trampolines better?

Fibreglass trampolines have gained some popularity in recent years, but are they better than spring trampolines? The answer is no. Here’s why: Poor bounce: Unlike steel spring trampolines, springless fibreglass rods require a high degree of force to generate a good return bounce.

Why shouldn’t you buy a trampoline?

Trampoline jumping poses a high risk of injury for children. The activity can result in sprains and fractures in the arms or legs — as well as head and neck injuries. The risk of injury is so high that the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly discourages the use of trampolines at home.

What is the best trampoline Australia?

The best trampolines in Australia

  • Best overall trampoline: Springfree Medium Round.
  • Best kids trampoline: Vuly Play Flare.
  • Best mini trampoline: Newan 1039 Fitness Trampoline.
  • Best trampoline for adults: JumpFlex Flex140 Lifestyle.
  • Best in-ground trampoline: Capital In-ground Trampoline.

What is the best brand of trampolines to buy?


  • No. 1: VULY trampolines.
  • No. 2: Skybound trampoline.
  • No. 3: Skywalker Trampolines.
  • No. 4: Upper Bounce Trampolines.
  • No. 5: ACON Trampoline.
  • No. 6: JumpKing trampolines.
  • Which trampoline is best to buy?

    Best Trampolines Comparison Chart

    Trampoline Size Our Rating
    JumpSport 14′ ALLEYOOP PowerBounce 14′ 4.5
    JumpSport 14′ Round Elite PowerBounce 14′ 4.2
    Zupapa 15′ Round Trampoline 15′ (also comes in 12′ and 14′) 3.9
    Skywalker 15′ Round Trampoline 15′ 4.6