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Can you XYZ summon with metal reflect slime?

Can you XYZ summon with metal reflect slime?

At Level 10, it can be used as the entire Ritual Tribute for the Summon of “Zielgigas”. It can also be used as an Xyz Material along with “Zielgigas” for a Rank 10 monster, such as “Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max”.

How do you activate metal reflect slime?

When you activate “Call of the Earthbound” and chain “Metal Reflect Slime”, a replay will occur when “Metal Reflect Slime” is Special Summoned. If the opponent decides to attack with the same monster, you will select its attack target.

Can you tribute metal reflect slime?

Yes, you can. “Metal Reflect Slime” is a monster, so you can Tribute it. “Metal Reflect Slime” is placed in the Spell & Trap Card Zone, and remains there without effect.

Can trap monsters be used for XYZ?

But since Trap Monsters are treated as Monster Cards while active, they can be used as Xyz Material in a Xyz Summon!

What does metal reflect slime do?

Traditional Format. “Metal Reflect Slime” can be Tributed for “Metamorphosis” in order to Special Summon a powerful Level 10 Fusion Monster such as “Cyber End Dragon” or “Destiny End Dragoon”.

Are trap monsters effect monsters?

↑ 1.0 1.1 Note that not all of the Trap Monsters are treated as Effect Monsters. For example Embodiment of Apophis is treated as a Normal Monster.

Does conquistador of the Golden Land target?

(It does not target. It can be activated optionally during either player’s End Phase.

Does jinzo destroy trap monsters?

Does the trap monster die? Regularly, this would kill the monster, given that it’s both a trap and a monster. However, Jinzo is negating trap effects, so the monster no longer has a trap destruction clause.

What is master rule?

Master Rule is the set of official rules for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It is the successor of the New Expert Rules. Unless stated otherwise, all official Konami-sanctioned tournaments in the OCG territories are to abide to the most current iteration of these rules.