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Did the captain of the Wahine survive?

Did the captain of the Wahine survive?

Captain Robertson and Captain Galloway, the deputy harbourmaster who risked his life by jumping from the vessel Tiakina to the Wahine, were the last two to leave. About an hour after the ‘abandon ship’ order was given, the Wahine capsized in less than 12 metres of water – some 8½ hours after entering the harbour.

What storm caused the Wahine disaster?

Cyclone Giselle
Looking back at the Wahine Storm Historical records of pressures, winds and waves have been collected for Cyclone Giselle, more widely know as the Wahine storm, after the Inter-island ferry TEV Wahine that sank off Wellington Heads with the tragic loss of 54 lives.

How many died in the Wahine disaster?

51 people
On 10 April, 1968, the Wahine sunk in the Wellington Harbour. A total of 51 people on board died that day, and two others died due to their injuries – making it New Zealand’s worst modern maritime disaster. Eastbourne Historical Society.

Who was affected by the Wahine disaster?

Most of the victims were middle-aged or elderly, but included three children; they died from drowning, exposure or injuries from being battered on the rocks. Forty-six bodies were found; 566 passengers were safe, as were 110 crew, and six were missing.

Is the Wahine still in the water?

“The Wahine no longer exists as a ship,” The Evening Post said. “It is gashed, torn and crumpled into unrecognisable shape. It is thought that the continual surging of the surf had scooped out a trench alongside the hull which then slid down into it, breaking her back.”

What happened to the Wahine ship?

The main cause of the Wahine’s sinking was that the ship went off course in one of the worst storms in New Zealand’s recorded history, and as s result went out of control and struck Barrett Reef. The build-up of water in the vehicle hold was the reason the ferry finally capsized.

What happened after the Wahine sank?

One lifeboat was swamped shortly after leaving the sinking ship and its occupants were tossed into the sea. (Two of the other lifeboats safely reached Seatoun; the third landed at Eastbourne). Other passengers were forced to jump into the cold, churning sea.

Where did the Wahine go down?

Tragedy in Wellington Harbour The sinking of the Lyttelton–Wellington ferry Wahine on 10 April 1968 was New Zealand’s worst modern maritime disaster.

What happened Wahine disaster?

On 10 April 1968, during an exceptional storm, the inter-island ferry Wahine struck Barrett Reef in Wellington Harbour and capsized. 51 people died.

Did they salvage the Wahine?

Attempts were made to salvage the Wahine, but later storms broke up the wreck of the ship. A propeller and plaque marks the disaster at Seatoun.

What happened to the Wahine after it sank?