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Can you buy liquor on Sunday in WA?

Can you buy liquor on Sunday in WA?

According to the Washington State Liquor Control Board, a ban on Sunday liquor sales was law more than 20 years before Prohibition. When Prohibition ended in 1933, the ban on Sunday sales remained. Lifting the ban on Sunday sales makes Washington the 33rd state to allow the sale of liquor seven days a week.

What time can you buy alcohol in Washington state?

Licensed businesses may sell alcohol between 6 a.m. and to 2 a.m. However, local jurisdictions may reduce those hours of sale. It’s illegal to sell alcohol to anyone, including adults, under 21. It’s also a violation of Washington alcohol laws to serve an intoxicated person.

Do grocery stores sell liquor in Washington state?

Beginning June 1, grocery stores in Washington will begin selling liquor. Beginning next June, liquor sales will shift from the state to grocery and warehouse stores, including Costco. It means more than 900 state employees will lose their jobs, most of them workers at state-run liquor stores.

Can minors drink with parents in Washington?

Current Washington Law 270, minors may drink at home if a parent provides the alcohol. Additionally minors can drink if the alcohol is provided by a doctor or if the alcohol is part of a religious ceremony.

What’s the earliest you can buy liquor?

On-premise hours are 6 A.M. to 1 A.M. (Monday – Saturday) 9 A.M. to 1 A.M (Sunday.) You can buy beer in wine in grocery stores. Wine with ABV > 15.5% must be sold in state contracted stores. Alcohol sale is not permitted after 1 A.M.

Can gas stations sell liquor in Washington?

Current law only allows liquor sales in stores that are at least 10,000 square feet. Small businesses say that they are unable to compete with giants like Costco.

How much is a liquor license in Washington state?

Complete data

[hide]Liquor license fees by state, 2018
State Liquor license fee (for a restaurant to sell beer, wine, and liquor on site) Duration
Vermont $115.00 Annual
Virginia $300.00 Annual
Washington $400.00 Annual

Can I give my teenager alcohol?

In general, a family member is a parent, guardian, or spouse. Many states require that the alcohol be provided by the family member directly in order for minors to legally consume it while others require that the family member be present while it is consumed.