Is Swampert in platinum?

Is Swampert in platinum?

Swampert – Generation 4 learnset Pokémon Platinum.

Is Swampert in Pokemon Diamond?

Swampert is a Pokemon available in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP).

What EVs to train Swampert?

252 Special Attack EVs and a Modest nature are needed because Swampert’s Special Attack is a bit lacking compared to other specially attacking Pokemon in DPP OU. 16 Speed EVs enable Swampert to outspeed uninvested Clefable and Tyranitar. The remaining EVs are placed into Swampert’s HP to maximize its general bulk.

Is Swampert a physical or special attacker?

The nature and EVs ensure that Swampert maximizes its physical bulk, since the majority of the things Swampert’s typing allows it to wall are physical attackers. Leftovers is the only item Swampert should use, as without it, it has no means of recovering HP.

Can Swampert learn surf?

Since it doesn’t learn Hydro Pump, Surf is the strongest Water-type attack that Swampert can learn.

What color is shiny Swampert?

Shiny Swampert is magenta, with purple fins and tail, and a darker shade of orange.

Should Swampert learn Ice Beam?

Most of his Pokemon learn really strong physical attacks. Due to Swampert’s bulk, though, it can take these attacks and use Ice Beam in return to KO just about Drake’s entire team. Swampert can also take care of its one weakness, Grass-types, with this move….Legendary.

Name Swampert
Rarity Hyper

Is rock slide good for Swampert?

Swampert can take common spread moves such as Blizzard, Rock Slide, and Heat Wave admirably, and the combination of Earthquake and Waterfall makes a great STAB combo. Rock Slide is also an old favorite, as spread moves are appreciated on any team.

Should I teach dive to Swampert?

If Swampert can catch a Pokemon using something like Fly or Focus Punch, Dive will allow it to dodge the attack and retaliate on the next turn. Considering the endgame of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Ice-type coverage is going to be very useful on Swampert.