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How do you score the THQ?

How do you score the THQ?

Scoring. The THQ is a data collection instrument not a test, so there is no standard scoring method. However, the most com- mon scoring convention is to generate a total score representing the numbers and types of events endorsed by summing all items (33,34), which can range from 0 to 24.

How do you ask for trauma history?

Seek the client’s permission to ask him/her about exposure to traumatic events, and advise the client that he/she does not have to talk about these experiences or provide any detail if he/she does not want to. Clearly communicate the reasons for asking about past trauma.

Who created the trauma history questionnaire?

Bonnie L. Green
Trauma History Questionnaire (THQ)

Domains: Trauma history
How to obtain scale: Contact Bonnie L. Green, Ph.D.
Cost or public domain: Public domain
Psychometrics: Populations sampled: psychiatric outpatients, college students, women with breast cancer Reliability: r = 0.7–0.9, intraclass = .76
Author(s): Bonnie L. Green

What is the childhood trauma questionnaire?

The Childhood Trauma Questionnaire was developed as a screening tool for histories of abut and neglect. The self-report includes a 28-item test that measures 5 types of maltreatment – emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, and emotional and physical neglect. Approximately 5 minutes is required to complete the test.

What is childhood trauma questionnaire?

What is historical trauma response?

Abstract. Historical trauma (HT) is cumulative emotional and psychological wounding over the lifespan and across generations, emanating from massive group trauma experiences; the historical trauma response (HTR) is the constellation of features in reaction to this trauma.

What are some trauma questions?

Do I have symptoms of re-living the traumatic event? Do I have bad dreams or nightmares about the event or something similar? Am I behaving or feeling as if the event were actually happening all over again? Am I having a lot of emotional feelings when I am reminded of the event?

What are questions to ask about trauma?

Do You Have PTSD? Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Did you experience a traumatic event?
  • Do you regularly relive or re-experience the event?
  • Do you avoid certain people, situations, or places?
  • Do you blame yourself for what happened?
  • Do you have a hard time remembering certain features of the event?

What is the Harvard trauma Questionnaire?

The Harvard Trauma Questionnaire (HTQ) is a checklist written by HPRT, similar in design to the HSCL-25. It inquires about a variety of trauma events, as well as the emotional symptoms considered to be uniquely associated with trauma.

What are some trauma-informed questions?

What is your understanding of trauma-informed care? Tell us about a time you worked with a patient who was exposed to trauma. How did you respond to their specific needs? Tell me about your trauma-related education and training.