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How do I free up space on Sysaux tablespace?

How do I free up space on Sysaux tablespace?

Cleanup old AWR reports to free up space: If above removal process taking too much of time then you can run below two sqls as sysdba to drop the old AWR’s and rebuild the repositories. This process is very fast. After clearing up all the AWR reports we were able to cleanup approx of 5GB space from SYSAUX tablespace.

How do I resize a Sysaux tablespace in Oracle 19c?


  1. Reduce the amount of monitored objects in EM.
  2. Resize the SYSAUX tablespace according to the recommendations in above table. ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE ‘/path/systemSID.dbf’ RESIZE 1000M;
  3. Resize the SYSTEM tablespace. ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE ‘/path/sysauxSID.dbf’ RESIZE 1000M;

How do I check Sysaux tablespace usage?

How much SYSAUX tablespace is used by which component in Oracle databases can be accessed from the V$SYSAUX_OCCUPANTS view.

How do you drop a table space?


  1. First, specify the name of the tablespace that you want to drop after the DROP TABLESPACE keywords.
  2. Second, use the INCLUDE CONTENTS to delete all contents of the tablespace.

How do I reclaim unused spaces in Oracle tablespace?

Here are the high-level steps that will be performed.

  1. Create an ASM Disk Group using the ASM Filter Driver.
  2. Create a tablespace in this diskgroup and populate it with some random data.
  3. Check the space allocated at the database and array level.
  4. Drop the tablespace and run ASM rebalance.
  5. Check the space again.

What is Sysaux table space?

The SYSAUX tablespace provides storage of non-sys-related tables and indexes that traditionally were placed in the SYSTEM tablespace. For example, the tables and indexes that were previously owned by the system user can now be specified for a SYSAUX tablespace. Only the SYSAUX tablespace datafile location is specified.

What is using Sysaux?

Introduction. You can use the SYSAUX tablespace to perform the following tasks: Avoid SYSTEM tablespace fragmentation caused by install and deinstall options. Avoid risking SYSTEM tablespace corruption and out-of-space situations. Reduce maintenance for the database administrator.

How do I edit Sysaux tablespace?

To alter the SYSAUX tablespace, you must have the SYSDBA system privilege. If you have ALTER TABLESPACE system privilege, then you can perform any ALTER TABLESPACE operation. If you have MANAGE TABLESPACE system privilege, then you can only perform the following operations: Take the tablespace online or offline.

What is stored in Sysaux tablespace?

What is the difference between SYSTEM and Sysaux tablespace in Oracle?

This is an auxiliary tablespace to the SYSTEM tablespace. The SYSAUX tablespace contains data for some components and products, reducing the load on the SYSTEM tablespace. Every database using Oracle Database 10g release 1 (10.1) or later must have a SYSAUX tablespace.

Can we drop Sysaux tablespace?

You cannot drop the SYSTEM tablespace. You can drop the SYSAUX tablespace only if you have the SYSDBA system privilege and you have started the database in MIGRATE mode. After the tablespace has been dropped, these users cannot allocate space for objects or sort areas in the tablespace.