What are the CON29 questions?

What are the CON29 questions?

The present CON29 form, which came into force in July 2016, includes questions on:

  • Planning and building regulation applications.
  • Roads and public rights of way.
  • Other matters.

What is a con290 form?

CON29 is a set of standard enquires which are usually made when buying a property. It is one of two types of “local authority search”, the other being a local land charges search.

What does LLC 1 reveal?

The LLC1 form is a requisition for an Official Certificate of Search of the Local Land Charges Register and contains information registered against a property or land. This could reveal matters such as Tree Preservations Orders, whether the property is a Listed Building or Enforcement Notices.

What is an environmental search?

An environmental search surveys historical and current records of land to ascertain whether any past use is likely to have led to contamination. The search is carried out with an environmental agency rather than The Environmental Agency.

What is an OS2?

Form OS2: official search with priority by a purchaser against part of the land in a registered title or pending first registration application.

What is the benefit of a priority period?

During the priority period, the buyer’s query takes priority over an entry made in the Registry. Such a priority can be taken advantage if the search is conducted by the lender.

How long are house searches taking during Covid?

The spokesperson said their usual turnaround for searches was seven to 10 days, but due to the pressures on the service they have implemented an average 20-day turnaround to work through the backlog.

What do local searches reveal?

The local search will reveal whether the property is located in Conservation area. Should this be the case then it could permit any further development at the property. This could be an issue if you are planning any future works at the property. If the property is a listed building this will be indicated on the search.