Where is Crystal Symphony ship?

Where is Crystal Symphony ship?

Crystal Symphony is a cruise ship owned and operated by Crystal Cruises. She was built in 1995 at Kværner Masa-Yards Turku New Shipyard, Finland. She is the oldest vessel in the Crystal Cruises fleet….Crystal Symphony.

General characteristics
Tonnage 51,044 GT
Length 238 m (781 ft)

What is Crystal Cruises known for?

Luxury Cruise Line
Celebrating 30 years of excellence, Crystal Cruises is the World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line, having earned top honors in Condé Nast Traveler’s Reader Choice Awards for 26 years, including winning “Best Medium-Ship Cruise Line” in the magazine’s 2019 awards; been voted “World’s Best Large Ship Cruise Line” by …

When was Crystal Symphony built?

January 5, 1995
Crystal Symphony/Launched

How big are Crystal ships?

If you happened to see one of Crystal’s ships in port alongside either of Oceania’s O-class ships, you’d see that they are comparable in size. Crystal Serenity is 820 feet long and Symphony is 781 feet long. Oceania’s O-class ships are both 785 feet long.

How many stars are the Crystal Cruises?

SIX-STAR SERVICE The essence of Crystal lies within its people, professionals chosen for their expertise and winning personalities. With one of cruising’s highest staff-to-guest ratios, your wishes are attended to with gracious hospitality.

How did Crystal Cruises get started?

Crystal Cruises was created in 1988 with a vision to set a completely new standard in luxury travel and world exploration. The combination of a spectacularly designed vessel and a staff and crew dedicated to the highest levels of service quickly propelled Crystal Cruises to the very top of luxury travel.

Who owns Crystal Endeavour?

Crystal Cruises
Crystal Endeavor is a megayacht operated by Crystal Cruises. Built by MV Werften in Stralsund, Germany, she was laid down in 2018 and completed in June 2021. She is the world’s largest ice class megayacht with her PC6 rating.

Who owns Crystal ships?

Genting Hong Kong
Crystal Cruises is a cruise line headquartered in Miami, Florida United States, founded in 1988 by Japanese shipping company Nippon Yusen Kaisha, and owned since 2015 by Hong Kong-headquartered conglomerate Genting Hong Kong.

How many ships does Crystal Cruise lines have?

Crystal Cruises has 3 ships in the fleet. From the moment you step on board, you will experience Crystal Cruises’ dedication to making your cruise with us a perfect one. Our Six-Star Commitment means each instant must be memorable, every detail sublime.