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What is a nib file and how is it used in iOS project?

What is a nib file and how is it used in iOS project?

A nib file is a special type of resource file that you use to store the user interfaces of iOS and Mac apps. A nib file is an Interface Builder document. iOS uses nibs as an implementation detail that supports storyboards, the iOS user interface design layout format.

What is file’s owner?

The File owner is the object that loads the nib, i.e. that object which receives the message loadNibNamed: or initWithNibName: . If you want to access any objects in the nib after loading it, you can set an outlet in the file owner.

What is XIB used for?

XIBs are a newer, XML based format that is used for the UI at design time. When you compile your app, the XIB files are converted to binary NIB files for you, and those binary versions of the files are embedded into your app.

What does XIB mean?


Acronym Definition
XIB aXway Integration Broker
XIB Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada – Ingersoll / via Rail Service (Airport Code)
XIB Mac OS X Interface Builder (Apple, Inc.)

What is a nib object?

Nib objects. A nib object is an object that is instantiated by the nib — that is, the instance it represents will be created when your code runs and the nib loads. You can create new nib objects.

Is nib the same as Swift?


What is Xib file owner?

The File’s Owner object is a placeholder instance which represents some instance of a class outside the NIB file that will soon substitute this tentative instance. From what I understand, NIB files and XIB files are lazy loaded.

What is file’s owner in Xcode?

About the File’s Owner Unlike interface objects, the File’s Owner object is a placeholder object that is not created when the nib file is loaded. In Xcode, you can create connections between the File’s Owner and the other interface objects in your nib file.

What is difference between Xib and storyboard?

A xib file usually specifies one view controller or menu bar. A storyboard specifies a set of view controllers and segues between those controllers. Unlike a xib, a storyboard can contain many view controllers and the transitions between them.

What is NSObject in Objective C?

NSObject. The root class of most Objective-C class hierarchies, from which subclasses inherit a basic interface to the runtime system and the ability to behave as Objective-C objects.

What are SNMP object identifiers (Oids)?

SNMP has Object Identifiers (OIDs) that define each thing for the manager and agents. SNMP Object Identifiers (OIDs) point to network objects stored in a database called the Management Information Base, often referred to as the “MIB”.

What is a MIB object?

A MIB object holds the structure of the network alarms being monitored (like a map of the “city”), and it uses the OIDs to keep track of the individual components (like the address to a house or other location). In this example, an SNMP OID is like the address the fire truck would drive to if the fire alarm sounded.

How do SNMP Oids get assigned to the MIB?

In the above OID, the specific “driveway” is 102. With this structure, very specific elements can be identified and located even in very complex networks. An SNMP Manager (ex. T/Mon LNX) translates these SNMP OIDs into a value that is then assigned readable labels in the MIB.