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What is the structure of propanoate?

What is the structure of propanoate?


PubChem CID 104745
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Molecular Formula C3H5O2-
Synonyms propionate propanoate Propanoic acid, ion(1-) 72-03-7 EtCO2 anion More…
Molecular Weight 73.07

What is the functional group for ethyl Propanoate?

Ethyl propionate belongs to the class of organic compounds known as carboxylic acid esters. These are carboxylic acid derivatives in which the carbon atom from the carbonyl group is attached to an alkyl or an aryl moiety through an oxygen atom (forming an ester group).

How do you name Ethyl Propanoate?

Give the common and IUPAC names for each compound. Draw the structure for ethyl pentanoate….Names of Esters.

Condensed Structural Formula Common Name IUPAC Name
CH3CH2COOCH2CH3 ethyl propionate ethyl propanoate
CH3CH2CH2COOCH(CH3)2 isopropyl butyrate isopropyl butanoate
ethyl benzoate ethyl benzoate

Is ethyl propanoate and ETHYL PROPIONATE the same?

Ethyl propionate appears as a clear colorless liquid with a pineapple-like odor. Ethyl propionate is a propanoate ester of ethanol. …

What is the formula of propyl propanoate?

C6H12O2Propyl propanoate / Formula

What is the formula of methyl Propanoate?

C4H8O2Methyl propionate / Formula

What is the structural formula of ethyl Methanoate?

C3H6O2Ethyl formate / Formula

Which is propyl propanoate?

Propyl propanoate (propyl propionate) is the organic compound with the molecular formula C6H12O2. It is the ester of propanol and propionic acid. Like most esters, propyl propanoate is a colorless liquid with a fruity odor. The scent of propyl propionate is described as a chemically tinged pineapple or pear.