Who is Nani Palkhivala?

Who is Nani Palkhivala?

Nani Palkhivala was one of the brightest stars in the country’s legal firmament. His book on Income Tax law is a must for judges, lawyers and students of law who delve into matters of Income Tax law in India.

What is the Nani Palkhivala memorial research paper?

We are happy to note that the “Nani Palkhivala Memorial Research Paper”, which was started in the year, 2004, is gaining importance year after year we send invitations to 125 law colleges across the country, and we are happy to note that this year 70 law students across the country participated in the competition.

Who is Rajiv Palkhivala?

He was a Member of the First Law Commission of India (1955) and also of the Second Law Commission (1958). In September 1977, Mr. Palkhivala was appointed Ambassador of India to the United States of America. Mr. Palkhivala was the author of ‘The Law and Practice of Income Tax’, which is the standard reference book on the subject.

Who appointed Nani Palkhivala as the Ambassador to Washington?

In such a situation Morarji Desai rightly thought it fitting to appoint Shri Nani A. Palkhivala as the Indian Ambassador to Washington, which after much persuasion from Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was taken up by Nani.

After a brilliant academic career, he quickly became one of India’s most sought after lawyers and remained at center stage for five decades. Famous for his phenomenal power of concentration and persuasive advocacy, he was a supremely successful lawyer. If ever a colossus strode across the Indian legal arena, it was Nani Palkhivala.

How many cases did Nani Palkhivala appear in?

Major Gen Nilendra Kumar in his book Nani Palkhivala: A Role Model (published by Universal/Lexis Nexis) has listed 140 prominent cases in which Nani appeared, giving the name of parties, citation, opposite counsels, the name of the judge who delivered the verdict and brief of the law points involved.

How did Nani Palkhivala interpret the Constitution?

Not only did Nani Palkhivala interpret the constitution as a message of intent but also saw it as a social mandate with a moral dimension.

Who is Palkhivala and Jamshedji?

Palkhivala’s initial focus was commercial and tax law. Together with Sir Jamshedji, he authored what was then and still is considered to be an authoritative reference tool for tax professionals: The Law and Practice of Income Tax. Palkhivala was 30 years old at the time of the first printing.