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How much does it cost to roll a softball bat?

How much does it cost to roll a softball bat?

However, bat rolling comes at a price. Most companies charge anywhere from $35 to $100 for this process. It’s up to you, as a consumer, to decide if you want to pay a company to efficiently break in a bat for you, as opposed to taking time out to do it yourself.

Is Rolling a bat worth it?

Many bat rolling companies advertise that they use “Heat Rolling”. We have done extensive testing rolling bats after heating them and found that it actually is counterproductive to breaking in the bat. The heat temporarily stretches out the bat’s fibers so that when you roll it you are not accomplishing any break in.

Does rolling a softball bat work?

Softball bat rolling has many benefits to the bat. It stretches the bat’s fibers evenly and allows for the entire barrel of the bat to be broken in so there are no dead spots. It will also enlarge the bat’s sweet spot. It is possible that some bats will need 75-100 hits on them to fully break in even after rolling.

Does rolling a composite bat help?

Bat rolling involves inserting the bat between two rollers, using a press to squeeze the rollers together, and pushing the bat back and forth. This process compresses the composite fibers, which decreases the stiffness of the barrel walls and increases the trampoline effect.

How long does it take to roll a softball bat?

Each of our machines will slowly roll a bat between 75 to 135 minutes depending on material hardness and diameter. Older technology and rolling bats by hand can efficiently be done on some older softball bats but with newer materials and league standards the task has become extremely labor intensive.

Why is the Easton ghost illegal?

For some undisclosed reason the Ghost X-30, only in the 30 inches with a -10 drop, has been deemed unfair by the regulatory body and thus USA Baseball has made its use illegal.