Can you use fluorescent lights for grow lights?

Can you use fluorescent lights for grow lights?

The short answer is: any type of fluorescent light will help any type of plant grow, whether it is cannabis or lettuce or orchids. While you can use any type of tube or bulb and see results, you want to provide the kind of light your plants want most. That’s how you get the best results.

Are grow lights the same as fluorescent lights?

The right kind of grow lights can make all the difference in how your plants perform. Standard indoor lights do little to influence photosynthesis, while using fluorescent lighting placed closely to the top of the plants can help drive this important plant process.

Are T8 fluorescent lights good for growing?

Tip. Four T8 fluorescent light bulbs will work well for growing vegetables indoors as long as you leave them on long enough to give the plants enough light.

Can I use regular light bulbs to grow plants?

Yes, bulbs that you have in your house can be used to grow plants. However, regular incandescent bulbs do not provide the range of color spectrum light that plants thrive on. LED lights made for indoor plant growing are designed to give off a full range of color in the light which your plant will need in order to grow.

What kind of fluorescent bulb do I need to grow plants?

Instead, full-spectrum high-output T5 lights are best even for seedlings. They’ll drive growth from the seedling stage through root establishment and until plants are ready for transplanting, at which point you may want to put them under more light.

What is the difference between T8 and T5 grow lights?

The main difference between the T5 and T8 Grow Lights is the diameter of the fluorescent tubes. T5s are 5/8″ in diameter, while T8s are 1″ in diameter. Also, T5s are slightly shorter than T8 fluorescent tubes. This is an important note as it means it could be difficult to swap out T5s and T8s on the same fixture.

What plants can survive under fluorescent light?

For example, those in the aroid family, such as Spathes, Sansevieria and Pothos, are all examples of good plants for indoors and that can do well under fluorescent lights. These low light plants are also slower growing. They are that way because of the small amount of light that they need.