How much is it to get into the gem show?

How much is it to get into the gem show?

There is a waiting list to get a Dealer’s space at the Gem Show and many openings occur when a Dealer unexpectedly cancels at the last minute. Public admission to the show is $3 for adults, which admits visitors to all three show days.

How long is the gem show?

three weeks
The 2021 Tucson Gem Show takes places over the course of three weeks. The earliest show starts April 7 and last shows ends on April 18. Each show has different dates which are decided on individually by the 40+ shows. The 2021 JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show takes place April 7 – 18, 2021.

What should I bring to a gem show?

place to keep your cash, wallet and credit cards). Rent your car prior arriving to Tucson to get lower prices for rentals. Bring a sample of your cut stones if you are trying t match them (colors or shapes). Bring a hand sanitizer since some beads are dirty.

Is 2022 Tucson gem show Cancelled?

Is the 2022 Tucson gem show Cancelled? No. The 2022 Tucson Gem Show is not cancelled.

Is the gem show free?

Many shows during the Tucson Gem Show are free and open to the public, while others require a ticket or a wholesale buyers license. Some wholesale shows also allow the public to attend, like the JOGS Show. Others are closed and only allow wholesale buyers.

What are the dates for the Tucson Gem Show 2022?

Feb 10, 2022 – Feb 13, 2022
2022 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show/Date

What is the biggest gem show in the world?

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show®
The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show®, founded in Tucson in 1955, is said to be the largest, oldest and most prestigious gem and mineral show in the world.

How do you sell at a gem show?

Purchase a tent booth and tables according to the booth space regulations of the gem show if you are interested in selling your collection at a gem show. Pay the booth fee and go to the show. Put your gems inside the display cases on the tables. Write up a price list for each stone and keep it on hand.

What do you wear to a gem show?

More Tucson Gem Show Tips

  • Wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes (I love the stylish look of Sketcher Mary Jane flats), you’ll be walking miles!
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen, some of the shows are outside.
  • Bring a canvas shopping bag to carry purchases.