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Is attack on Wall Street a true story?

Is attack on Wall Street a true story?

It tells the story of a security guard who struggles to pay for his wife’s medical bills and loses his investments in the financial crisis of 2007–2008, prompting a shooting spree on Wall Street after his wife takes her own life….

Assault on Wall Street
Countries United States Canada
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Where is Uwe Boll now?

Boll previously lived in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Despite having lived in Canada for many years, he still retains his German citizenship. He married Canadian film producer Natalia Tudge in 2014.

Is Assault on Wall Street a good movie?

“Assault on Wall Street” is a good revenge melodrama from “House of the Dead” helmer Uwe Boll. This contemporary morality epic about crooked, ruthless, white-collar brokers who believe that their companies are more important than the clients that represent is comparable to the “Death Wish” franchise.

Why does Uwe Boll make terrible movies?

That is because Uwe Boll is indeed what he is considered – a really bad film director. The man disrespected the source material of the video game adaptations he made by not following them, while his films in general also lacked any sense of technical competency even at a fundamental level.

How does Uwe Boll get work?

He used to receive financing through a German tax shelter in which “you get basically fifty percent back from the government.” However, this German tax loophole was closed in 2006, and he has not obtained funding to make more films during the past 10 years.

Did Uwe Boll make any good movies?

Early titles like House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark sadly sealed Boll’s fate with the cinema press and gamers alike and with good reason as, by contemporary genre film standards, they just weren’t very good.