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What river separates Poland Germany?

What river separates Poland Germany?

The Oder River
The Oder River forming the boundary between Germany (left) and Poland.

Where does the Oder River start and end?

Szczecin Lagoon

The Oder River (German: Oder; Czech/Polish: Odra) is a river in Central Europe. It starts in the Czech Republic and flows through Poland and Germany. It forms 187 kilometers of the border between Poland and Germany. The river is 854 kilometres long and ends in the Szczecin Lagoon in the Baltic Sea.

Is the Oder River the longest river in Poland?

The Oder is 840 kilometres (522 miles) long: 112 km (70 miles) in the Czech Republic, 726 km (451 miles) in Poland (including 187 km (116 miles) on the border between Germany and Poland) and is the third longest river located within Poland (after the Vistula and Warta), however, second longest river overall taking into …

What is the source of the Oder River?

Olomouc District

Can you swim in the Oder River?

Unfortunately for beach enthusiasts, swimming in Wrocław’s stretch of the Oder River is a no-no, despite how enticing the water looks on a hot summer day.

What sea does the river Oder flow into?


Why is Oder River important?

The Oder (Odra) river is the most important nutrient source and pollutant for the south-western Baltic Sea. Adjacent German-Polish coastal waters, the Oder (Szczecin) Lagoon and the Oder (Pomeranian) Bight therefore suffer from severe eutrophication and water quality problems.

Why did the Hindenburg Line Fail?

The Hindenburg Line, built behind the Noyon Salient, was to replace the old front line as a precaution against a resumption of the Battle of the Somme in 1917. By wasting the intervening ground, the Germans could delay a spring offensive in 1917.

How was the Hindenburg Line breached?

After capturing the St. Quentin Canal with a creeping barrage of fire—126 shells for each 500 yards of German trench over an eight-hour period—the Allies were able to successfully breach the Hindenburg Line on September 29. After four days of battle, with heavy losses on both sides, the Germans were forced to retreat.

What country is the Don River in?

The Don River at Rostov-na-Donu, Russia. The Dnieper, Don, and Volga river basins and their drainage network. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. The Don River rises in the small reservoir of Shat, located in the Central Russian Upland near the city of Novomoskovsk.