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Who owns khumani mine?

Who owns khumani mine?

Assmang Proprietary Limited
Assmang Proprietary Limited, a company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa and its joint venture and subsidiary companies. The Company mines manganese ore at the Black Rock Mining Complex and iron ore at Khumani and Beeshoek Mines in the Northern Cape Province.

Where is manganese mined in South Africa?

Kalahari Basin
Our South African manganese mines are found in the manganese rich Kalahari Basin, in the country’s northern cape, which is home to 80 per cent of the world’s manganese ore body.

Which company has mines in the Kalahari?

Kalagadi Company Overview The company was founded in 2007 and operates a mine which boasts the largest sinter plant in the world. Located at the Kalahari Basin, Northern Cape — South Africa’s largest province by land area — our mine features a shaft, ore preparation plant, sinter plant, rails and water dams.

Is assmang listed?

Assmang is controlled jointly by Assore Limited and African Rainbow Minerals (which each holding 50{d7683696febcc773a119109901fefe1b6dbafe1db663f95e0f7cae318801e978}) of the issued share capital and voting rights of the Company. Both shareholders are listed on the JSE Limited.

Which province is khumani mine?

The Khumani mine is a large iron mine located in central South Africa in Northern Cape.

How many manganese mines are there in South Africa?

South Africa has 22 operating manganese mines – AmaranthCX. Mamatwan manganese mine in South Africa’s Northern Cape.

What is manganese mining?

The mining of manganese ores is usually done in open pits. Some ores are upgraded by washing, and undersized ores can be agglomerated by sintering. Several processes have been developed for mining seafloor nodules, but they cannot compete economically with the ready exploitation of high-grade terrestrial deposits.

Who owns kalagadi manganese?

Kalahari Resources owns 35.5% of Kalagadi. Kgalagadi Alloys, another Mashile-Nkosi company, owns 44.5%.

Who owns United Manganese of Kalahari?

United Manganese of Kalahari (UMK) was established in 2005, and is owned by Majestic Silver Trading 40 (Pty) Ltd (51%) and Renova Manganese Investments Limited (49%).

Is assore a listed company?

Assore Limited (Assore) is a mining holding company principally engaged in ventures involving base minerals and metals. The company was incorporated in 1950 and its shares are listed on the JSE Limited under “Assore†in the general mining sector.

Where are manganese mines in South Africa?

Where is Black Rock mine situated?

Northern Cape province of South Africa
The Black Rock mine is a mine located at Hotazel in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Black Rock represents one of the largest manganese reserves in South Africa having estimated reserves of 70.4 million tonnes of manganese ore grading 39% manganese metal.

Does South Africa mine magnesium?

The Kalahari Manganese field is located in the Northern Cape Province, 700km south-west of Johannesburg, South Africa. It contains approximately 80% of the world’s known high-grade manganese ore reserves.

Which mines are in Northern Cape?


  • 14813 – 61/2009MP & 63/2009MP. Mine Code: 14813.
  • 14347 – AAA MINING CC – HOSPITAL. Mine Code: 14347.
  • 14868 – AF DELWERYE CC.
  • 10659 – AFRISAM – ULCO.
  • 15377 – ALEXKOR.