How much is a kingsnake cost?

How much is a kingsnake cost?

On average, a wild-type kingsnake will be $50-100 depending on the exact species you select. The price goes up to around $200-$400 depending on the sex of the snake and its genes. Rare colors are more valuable.

Can you buy King snakes?

Wildtype California kingsnakes are technically illegal to sell without special permits in their home state of California. These increased restrictions are due to a law that prohibits trafficking native California species within state lines.

Where can I find a king snake?

They live in forests, grasslands, suburbia, and rocky areas in fields and deserts. Snakes in wetter areas, such as the eastern and southern United States spend more time around swamps and riverbanks.

Can I buy a speckled king snake?

A very peculiar snake, Speckled King Snakes are not found often. The Speckled King Snakes for sale are feeding on pinkies, and doing great. The King Snakes available for sale are all captive bred, and well started. …

Can I buy a California Kingsnake?

Captive-bred California kingsnakes can be purchased at pet shops, reptile shows, from breeders, and sometimes at online reptile shops.

How much does a baby kingsnake cost?

They are docile, easy to care for and cheap. Kingsnakes can cost less than $100 and come in a wide variety of morphs and colorations….Facts.

Common Name California Kingsnake
Scientific Name Lampropeltis getula californiae
Price ~$100
Size Three to four feet long
Lifespan 20 to 30 years

Can you own a king snake in Georgia?

The Department of Natural Resources allows stores to sell non-venomous snakes. She says while there are no rules restricting people from owning venomous snakes, the state does ban people from owning certain snakes that are native to Georgia, like the corn snake.

Can you buy an eastern king snake?

We have some sharp Eastern Chain King snakes for sale at the lowest prices online. This is a highly desirable species for a variety of reasons, including a tendency to quickly become quite tame. When you buy an Eastern Chain King snake from us, you receive our 100% ironclad live arrival guarantee.

How big do kingsnakes get?

36 to 60 inches
>> Kingsnakes are large-bodied snakes with adults randing from 36 to 60 inches in length. They are powerful constrictors.

Are king snakes easy to handle?

All varieties of kingsnakes are easy to handle after they get used to you. They are low maintenance, requiring minimal care throughout the week. This snake rarely strikes; usually, if it does, it confused a finger with a prey item. A king or milk snake bite does not hurt.