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What dramatically means?

What dramatically means?

adverb. us. /drəˈmæt̬·ɪk·li/ in a very sudden or noticeable way: My life has changed dramatically.

What does dramatically mostly mean?

Dramatically is defined as something done with great flare or done in an overly exaggerated or theatrical manner.

What is dramatic news?

1 adj A dramatic change or event happens suddenly and is very noticeable and surprising.

How do you use dramatically?

with respect to dramatic value.

  1. His tone changed dramatically when he saw the money.
  2. Profits have soared dramatically in recent months.
  3. Viewing figures for the series have dropped dramatically.
  4. Infant mortality has been dramatically reduced.
  5. People dramatically cross very thin line between life and death.

Have increased dramatically meaning?

in a sudden and surprising way that is easy to notice. His popularity was increasing dramatically. The following year his life changed dramatically. Synonyms and related words. Happening or done quickly, suddenly or immediately.

Is it dramatically or drastically?

Use them when it is an extreme or significant change or increase. Drastically normally applies to bad changes only, while dramatically can apply to both good and bad.

What is the noun of dramatically?

drama. A composition, normally in prose, telling a story and intended to be represented by actors impersonating the characters and speaking the dialogue. Such a work for television, radio or the cinema (usually one that is not a comedy) Theatrical plays in general.

What does increased dramatically mean?

How do you use basically in a sentence?

Basically sentence example

  1. Basically , it started with a screw up.
  2. I basically asked him to stop.
  3. She can read souls, so she knows basically everything about you in two seconds.
  4. Goats have two spigots instead of four, but the milking machinery is basically the same.
  5. The room remained basically unchanged.

Is significantly the same as dramatically?

““Significantly”means ““ought to be noticed, requiring attention or, ““standing out”. Dramatically means ““theatrically, as on the stage with theatrical effect and can mean overacted or too theatrical.