How long before a stray dog is legally yours in Colorado?

How long before a stray dog is legally yours in Colorado?

How long do you keep stray pets? By law, stray dogs are held a minimum of five days and cats a minimum of three days (five days in Pueblo County) before we can make an animal available for adoption.

Where can I take my lost dog in Colorado Springs?

Lost & Found Animal Resources

  • Pawboost.
  • Lost My Doggie.
  • Craigslist (Lost and Found in community section for COS)
  • Craigslist (Pets Section in Community for COS)
  • Humane Society COS (p: 719-473-1741)

Where do lost cats usually go?

Cat hiding outside, close to home Even cats lost outside are consistently found hiding under the porch on their own property or hidden somewhere close by, within just three to five houses of their escape point, Kat says.

What to do if a stray cat shows up?

Tips on Handling Stray Cats on Your Own

  1. Provide Food and Water.
  2. Lure the Cat Safely Inside a Carrier.
  3. Trap the Cat – Only If the Cat Can’t Be Safely Lured into a Carrier.
  4. Evaluate Whether It Is Appropriate to Take the Cat to a Local Animal Shelter.
  5. Bring the Cat into Your Home and Provide Vet Care.

Can you keep a cat that you found?

Usually, you can’t keep lost property until you’ve taken certain steps to report the find and attempt to return property to the owner. If you find a stray animal, you must: Return the animal to the owner — Most statutes require you to attempt to return the animal to its owner, before you assert ownership.

How do you find out if a cat has an owner?

If the cat comes close enough you should take them to the local vet so that they can scan them for a microchip. If they are, then you will have the information about the owner and how to contact them. Contact the local animal shelters and see if anyone has contacted them about their missing cat recently.

What does it mean when cats keep appearing?

Hunger, thirst, and general distress are common reasons why a cat might show up at your door. Offer the kitty some nutritious food, water, and a warm blanket to sleep on. A feral cat will usually only eat and not sleep but will return later for more food.