Are all Arai visors the same?

Are all Arai visors the same?

ARAI VISOR COMPATIBILITY AND DIFFERENCES For example, an Arai Chaser-V helmet can be equipped with multiple SAI visor options. These include a Max Vision (SAI-IC) version and a non-Max Vision (SAI) version. The shape of each visor is different and therefore the Pinlock lens created for each visor type is different.

Does Arai have a transition visor?

Our new aftermarket photochromic visor adjusts from clear to smoke with changing light conditions for enhanced vision throughout your ride. OZ-USA® Aftermarket photochromic transition shield for Arai helmet.

Do Arai helmets have sun visors?

Our accessory line-up can further enhance the performance of your Arai helmet. We offer a wide variety of colored visors or tear-offs for racing or track riding. Colored visors are available in all the essential tints to meet any weather condition, from sun, rain to foggy conditions.

What is Arai Max Vision?

The Arai Axces-3 Max Vision Pinlock insert is made of a moisture absorbing plastic and the silicone seal on the Pinlock insert ensures there is an insulating air layer between the Pinlock insert and the visor. Both these combinations make Pinlock the worlds number one anti-fog product.

Does AGV make a transition visor?

AGV photo. Bell and LaZer addressed this issue with photochromic faceshields using technology licensed from Transitions, the people known for making sunglasses that darken in ambient sunlight.

What is a transition visor?

Transitions® light intelligent shields automatically adapt to the optimal tint in all light conditions and are clear at night and dark smoke in bright light. They provide seamless tint adaptation, visual quality and optimal protection.

What is Arai pinlock?

Pinlock offers a wide selection of fog resistant insert lenses for Arai helmets. The range of insert lens options includes the Pinlock 70 and 120 performance level lenses , coloured lenses, 100% Max Vision and ProtecTINT.

How old is my Arai helmet?

The production date can be found impressed on the left chinstrap or laser etched on the steel D-ring fastener. This date is offered as a code with the production month followed by the year. For instance 04/11 stands for production date April 2011. A holder plate covers the Arai visor mechanism.

Do Arai helmets come with pinlock?

Pinlock is the best anti-fog solution for helmet visors according to many test in motorcycle magazines world wide. That is why helmet manufacturers such as Shoei, Arai, HJC, Schuberth and many more are supplying their helmets standard with the Pinlock original.