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Are the Property Brothers really brothers?

Are the Property Brothers really brothers?

Drew and Jonathan Scott are twin brothers in the real estate industry. When Drew and Jonathan Scott first stepped onto the HGTV scene, people were instantly intrigued by their appearance. The brothers are identical twins who were born and raised near Vancouver, British Columbia.

What does the Property Brothers older brother do?

JD has appeared on HGTV with his brothers He’s appeared on Brother vs. Brother, where he hosted behind-the-scenes coverage, and Property Brothers at Home. JD was also a co-founder of Scott Brothers Entertainment so he’s pretty active behind the scenes even if we don’t see him as frequently.

Do the Property Brothers still own their home in Las Vegas?

They once lived together in Las Vegas, but these days, they live separately. Still, they live next door to each other in Los Angeles. Jonathan has an equally impressive house in L.A. that he reportedly shares with his girlfriend, singer and actress Zooey Deschanel.

Which property brother is hotter?

Drew Scott
Some fans insist Jonathan Scott’s ruggedness makes him hotter. It’s just something about a man and a tool belt that gets folks excited. Drew Scott is the real estate money maker, so it makes sense why viewers see him as more attractive.

Who is older JD or the twins?

The ‘Property Brothers’ Older Bro Keeps Busy. When most people think of the ‘Property Brothers,’ twins Drew and Jonathan Scott automatically come to mind. However, their older sibling, James Daniel “JD” Scott, sometimes appears on HGTV alongside them.

Who is suing Property Brothers?

The so-called Property Brothers lawsuit first came to light earlier this year. Paul and Mindy King of Las Vegas, NV, alleged that they spent nearly $200,000 with Cineflix and Villa Construction. Cineflix is the production company behind the Property Brothers show.

Where do the Property Brothers reside?

Drew and his wife, Linda Phan, reside in an elegant mansion just miles west of downtown Los Angeles. The HGTV star and his longtime love purchased the Tudor-style residence for $2.3 million months before they tied the knot in May 2018, according to reports.