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Where was the High Park Fire?

Where was the High Park Fire?

Roosevelt National ForestHigh Park Fire / LocationThe Roosevelt National Forest is a National Forest located in north central Colorado. It is contiguous with the Colorado State Forest as well as the Arapaho National Forest and the Routt National Forest. Wikipedia

When was the High Park Fire?

June 9, 2012High Park Fire / Start date

Ignited by a lightning strike on June 9, 2012 in the foothills just west of Fort Collins, the High Park Fire burned for almost a month consuming 87,415 acres of forested landscape in the Poudre River watershed and the adjacent Rist Canyon and Buckhorn Creek drainages.

When was the High Park Fire in Colorado?

June 2012
Ignited by lightning in early June 2012, the High Park Fire became one of the largest and most destructive wildfires in Colorado history, burning 87,415 acres along the Cache la Poudre River in the mountains west of Fort Collins.

When did the Waldo Canyon Fire end?

July 10th, 2012
On June 26th, the fire burned into the City destroying 346 homes and damaging many others. The fire burned 18,247 acres over 18 days and was reported as fully contained on July 10th, 2012. At the time, the Waldo Canyon Fire was the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history.

What happened to the High Park fire?

High Park Fire, unlike others, burned very actively and with high intensity for days. This fire did not burn through and settle down, but continued to burn actively. Two weeks into the fire it was still burning so aggressively that over 50 homes were lost as the fire burned into a subdivision north of the Poudre River.

What is the High Park prescribed burn program?

This use of fire historically helped to maintain savannah habitat in the area on which High Park is located. Prescribed burns were re-introduced to High Park by City of Toronto Urban Forestry in the late 1990s as a management tool. This began initially as demonstration plots and then as an annual operational program starting in 2000.

How big is the High Park fire in Colorado?

The High Park fire burned over 87,284 acres (136.381 sq mi; 353.23 km 2 ), becoming the second-largest fire in recorded Colorado history by area burned. It destroyed at least 259 homes, compared to the Black Forest Fire with a number of 511 homes, surpassing the number consumed by the 2010 Fourmile Canyon fire.

What’s happening to High Park?

Annual monitoring has shown that many areas in High Park are exhibiting large increases in native plant community patches, as well as a significant decline in some of the exotic species controlled by burning, such as garlic mustard. High Park is home to many rare and important species that are thriving from prescribed burning.