What does mat certification mean?

What does mat certification mean?

The treatment profession is changing as advances in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) are made. Certified counselors who are on the cutting edge of new technologies to treat addiction are in high demand.

What is medication certificate?

Confirm your advanced understanding of medication utilization and medication-related issues, prescribing accuracy, patient safety, and the administration of medication therapy management (MTM).

How do I get my mat trained?

MAT Training

  1. Complete 24 hours of education required to obtain a DEA waiver to prescribe MAT (including buprenorphine) for opioid use disorders for more than 30 patients.
  2. Earn 24 NCPD contact hours in pharmacology.
  3. Get a solid foundation in practices to decrease opioid use and opioid related deaths.

How do I get my MAT trained?

How do I become a medicine trainer?

To be eligible to become a MATY-Certified Master Trainer, you must have documented experience as a trainer of another medication administration or other healthcare training (i.e. CPR, First Aid, etc.) and have taught at least 4 classes in the last 2 years.

What is DDS MED certified?

Certification means that you have achieved baseline competency knowledge of medication administration practices as identified by Connecticut DDS and after additional training you may be delegated responsibility by an RN for medication administration to persons served by DDS in residential and day program settings.

What states have certified medication aides?

Indiana, Kentucky, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio, Maine, Rhode Island and Florida.

Is Mat training free?

SAMHSA’s Provider Clinical Support System (PCSS) and the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) have teamed up to offer free medication-assisted treatment (MAT) training for eligible clinicians working to address the opioid epidemic. Be a part of the solution to our nation’s opioid epidemic. …