How much does Citizen app cost?

How much does Citizen app cost?

The core Citizen app is and will always be free.

Who can see my location Citizen app?

Both parties must accept each other before they can view any information, the company said. People can choose to share location information with “friends only,” “specific friends only,” or stay “private.” Citizen said a person’s exact location information is never shared, only that a person is “nearby.”

Does citizen app work in New Jersey?

Citizen New Jersey’s Tweets Stay safe with instant nearby crime and emergency alerts. Download Citizen for free, now live in Philadelphia. Stay safe with instant nearby crime and safety alerts. Now, thanks to a new app called Citizen, you can finally understand exactly what’s going on.

Is Citizen’s app Safe?

Everyone is safer when everyone has the same access. With Citizen, everyone in the community, whether a resident or member of law enforcement, has the same access to the app and its unbiased information.

Is Citizen app no longer free?

After months of testing with upwards of 100,000 beta testers, Citizen today is launching its premium Protect offering for all users. The subscription service runs $20 a month and opens up a number of features on the app.

How do you research an area before buying a house?

12 Ways to Research a Neighborhood Before Buying a House

  1. Neighborhood Ratings by Zip Code.
  2. Check the Community Website Directly.
  3. Review the Schools and Daycare Providers.
  4. Go There and Walk Around.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Connect with Neighborhood Residents.
  6. Researching Neighborhood Crime Rates.
  7. Drive a Trial Run of Your Commute.

Is the Citizen app safe?

Citizen Protect is essentially a private safety help line that draws on smartphone features like location tracking. When subscribers open the Citizen app, they can hit a button to call a “Protect Agent” via video, audio, or text.

What is ghost mode in Citizen app?

You can turn on Ghost Mode to keep your location private at any time. Real-time Safety Alerts: Location-based notifications help you avoid potentially dangerous situations. Live Breaking Video: Watch live video of an incident unfold from different angles or broadcast live from the scene.

Does the Citizen app work everywhere?

The app is currently available for iOS and Android devices in 20 cities, including New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Philadelphia. Detroit, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Cincinnati, Chicago, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Cleveland.

Is Florida a citizen app?

Real-Time Crime App ‘Citizen’ Makes South Florida Debut With Expansion Plans. MIAMI (CBSMiami) – An app that claims to alert you in seconds when a crime is in progress nearby is making its debut in South Florida. However, the app is causing some controversy in other cities that have it.