Where are ACT tests given?

Where are ACT tests given?

ACT Test Centers The ACT is given at local high schools, career schools, colleges, and other locations. To find a test site in your area, go to the official registration website. Tests are typically given on a Saturday.

Can I reschedule my ACT test date?

For a small fee, you can make a test center change and a test date change (if changes are made at the same time). Note: If you paid with an ACT Fee Waiver, the waiver will be reapplied to your new test date, but covers only the test fee or late fee for your test option, you must still pay the change fee.

How many times is the ACT test given this year?

The ACT is offered seven times a year: February, April, June, July, September, October, and December.

Is a 28 on the ACT good for the first time?

A 28 means you’ve scored better than 88% of students, and a 30 means you’ve scored better than 93% of them! Anything 34 or above is in the 99th percentile—a truly phenomenal score.

Can I take the ACT in the afternoon?

The test begins after students are checked in and seated, usually by 8:30 am. Note that if you are taking the test on the computer, you may be taking the ACT at different times, including in the afternoon—be sure to look at your test ticket after you register for the ACT.

What is a good score on the ACT for a 10th grader?

Again, research has found that the average ACT score for sophomores is 18 points. Anything above that would be considered great for a 10th grader. In percentile terms, if you are able to score a 24, then you’d already rank higher than over 75 percent of other sophomore scores.

Can I get a refund for my ACT test?

Can You Get a Refund? You won’t be able to get a refund for your basic registration fee or fees for late registration or test date change. Basically, once you’ve paid for the ACT, you’re never going to see that money again, whether you end up testing or not.