Where did Cliff Richard go on his Summer Holiday?

Where did Cliff Richard go on his Summer Holiday?

The Young Ones, Summer Holiday and Wonderful Life saw Cliff outdo any other actor at the box office in the early 60s, but it’s the mayhem and trepidation that make Melvyn laugh. “Cliff and I had to learn to drive London double-decker buses, before going off to film Summer Holiday in Greece,” he remembers.

Who wrote Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard?

Bruce Welch
Brian Bennett
Summer Holiday Advertising EP Pt. 2/Composers
Written by Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett and produced by Norrie Paramor, “Summer Holiday” remains one of the jauntiest pop songs of the early ’60s, which meant that it always had a solid shot at becoming another #1 for the future Sir Cliff.

Which members of the shadows were in Summer Holiday?


  • Cliff Richard as Don.
  • Lauri Peters as Barbara.
  • David Kossoff as Magistrate.
  • Ron Moody as Orlando.
  • The Shadows as themselves.
  • Melvyn Hayes as Cyril.
  • Teddy Green – Steve.
  • Jeremy Bulloch Edwin.

What was the number on the front of the bus in the film Summer Holiday?

Three London buses were used in the filming of Summer Holiday, posing as bus number RT1881 and fitted with the fake number plate WLB 991.

Did Cliff Richard actually drive the bus in Summer Holiday?

Despite popular misconception, the model of bus driven by Cliff Richard was not a Routemaster but an AEC Regent ‘RT’. Melvyn Hayes dyed his hair blond for this film.

When did Cliff Richard sing Summer Holiday?

“Summer Holiday” is a song recorded by Cliff Richard and The Shadows, written by rhythm guitarist Bruce Welch and drummer Brian Bennett. It is taken from the film of the same name, and was released as the second single from the film in February 1963.

What happened to the bus in summer holiday?

Two double-decker London buses had to be shipped to Greece because it was impossible to drive them across Europe due to low bridges and so on. But when they eventually arrived, Customs held them for two days.

Did Cliff Richard actually drive the bus in summer holiday?

Were all going on a summer holiday cast?

Summer Holiday’s cast from Cliff Richard’s hit 1963 musical film: Where are they now?

  • Cliff Richard (Don) Cliff Richard (Don).
  • Lauri Peters (Barbra) Lauri Peters (Barbra).
  • Una Stubbs (Sandy)
  • Melvyn Hayes (Cyril)
  • Jeremy Bulloch (Edwin)
  • Teddy Green (Steve)
  • Pamela Hart and Jacqueline Daryl (Angie and Mimsie)

Were all going on a Summer Holiday cast?

How old was Cliff Richard when he filmed Summer Holiday?

22 years old
Cliff Richard was barely 22 years old when he filmed this movie.