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What is the Air Force safety AFI?

What is the Air Force safety AFI?

AFI 91-301 outlines the Air Force Occupational And Environmental Safety, Fire Protection, and Health (AFOSH) Program. AFI 91-301 applies to all military and civilian personnel whose duties require the use or handling of hazardous materials.

Which AF publication provides guidance on the US Air Force mishap prevention program?

Terms in this set (30) Which publication implements the Mishap Prevention Program? a. Air Force Instruction (AFI) 91-200.

What is Afosh?

Definition. AFOSH. Air Force Office of Safety and Health.

What replaced AFI 91 203?

AFMAN 91-203
The re-crafted publication replacing AFI 91-203 is AFMAN 91-203, Air Force Occupational Safety, Fire and Health Standards. This name change acknowledges that OSHA law (29CFR1910 and 29CFR1926) addresses three major aspects for a safe workplace: safety, fire protection/prevention, and occupational health.

Does Air Force follow OSHA?

Partnership Overview In return, OSHA recognizes that a partnership with the Air Force covers a diverse spectrum of hazards, challenges, best practices and overall safety and health management systems.

Which publication implements the mishap prevention program?


Organization: AIR FORCE
Publication Date: 12 March 2020
Status: active
Page Count: 203

What document defines requirements for facility managers?

AFMAN 32-1084 Facility Requirements Standards | WBDG – Whole Building Design Guide.

Is skiing a high-risk activity air force?

“If Airmen are not sure about how to classify an activity, they should ask their supervisors.” Hill added that many winter sports and activities, which Airmen may choose to participate in around the Black Hills area, are in fact considered high-risk – like snowboarding, skiing, hunting or ice fishing.