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How do I install RasMol?

How do I install RasMol?

Installation in Windows 95. From the Start Menu window, double click to open the Programs window (or wherever you want RasMol to be). Now, use Windows Explorer to find the RasWin program file you downloaded (RW32B2A. EXE). Click the right mouse button on the RasWin program file, and select Create Shortcut.

How do I install RasMol on Windows 10?

Install the RasMol Help file using the New option of the Program Manager’s File Menu. Set the Description to “RasWin Manual”, the command to “C:\WINDOWS\WINHELP RASWIN. HLP” and the working directory to the appropriate directory.

How do I download RasMol on Mac?

Download the . dmg (disk image file), open it, and run the installer. You’ll then need to log out and log in. Then download RasMol from its SourceForge download area.

How use RasMol command line?

To start RasMol under Microsoft Windows, double click on the RasMol icon in the program manager. When RasMol first starts, the program displays a single main window (the display window) with a black background on the screen and provides the command line window minimized as a small icon at the bottom of the screen.

What is RasMol in bioinformatics?

RasMol is a computer program written for molecular graphics visualization intended and used mainly to depict and explore biological macromolecule structures, such as those found in the Protein Data Bank.

How do I open RasMol software?

To open a file: File/Open from within RasMol. From within Netscape, click on a RasMol viewable molecule (a . pdb file). (RasMol should automatically start and load in the molecule.)

What is input file format of RasMol?

RasMol can also create a script file containing the commands required to regenerate the current image. Finally the rendered image may be written out in a variety of formats including both raster and vector PostScript, GIF, PPM, BMP, PICT, Sun rasterfile or as a MolScript input script or Kinemage.

What is RasMol and its commands?

Introduction. RasMol is a molecular graphics program intended for the visualization of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules. The program is aimed at display, teaching and generation of publication quality images.

How do I open RasMol files?

To open a file: File/Open from within RasMol….INSTRUCTIONS TO USE RASMOL:

Action PC MAC
Translation Right-mouse button (Click & Hold) and mouse button
Zoom and left-mouse button and mouse button
Z-Rotation and right-mouse button and mouse button

Is RasMol a sequence alignment tool?

Interprocess communication. Rasmol can communicate with other programs via Tcl/Tk on Unix platforms, and via Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) on Microsoft Windows. With a multiple sequence alignment program, the responsible Java class can be freely used in other applications.

What is the difference between RasMol and PyMOL?

The largest difference is in the script format—RasMol uses natural language script- ing, whereas PyMOL uses object-oriented code. Finally, there were some RasMol commands (including bond, connect, star, and strands) that did not have equivalents in PyMOL and could not be implemented at the level of a plug-in.

How do I download RasMol to my computer?


  1. Download the PC Windows version of RasMol-ucb. To install the PC windows version, double click on the Rasmol2.exe installer program.
  2. Download the MAC version of RasMol-ucb. To install the MAC version*, double-click on the Rasmol-mac.