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Does MetLife have mutual funds?

Does MetLife have mutual funds?

Mutual Fund Select Portfolios. Mutual Fund Select Portfolios (“MFSP”) is a mutual fund platformoffered by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (Metlife). MFSP allows you to invest in mutual funds by selecting from a list of mutual funds chosen by your employer (or a third party appointed by your employer).

Is Brighthouse Financial part of MetLife?

On March 6, 2017, MetLife separated its U.S. retail business. The separated business launched Brighthouse Financial, Inc. – an independent company that is no longer a part of MetLife.

What companies does MetLife own?

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American Life Insurance Company Delaware American Life Insurance Company
MetLife Auto & Home Insurance Agency, Inc. MetLife Capital Trust X
MetLife Health Plans, Inc. MetLife Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
MetLife Investment Advisors, LLC MetLife Investments Securities, LLC

Does MetLife sell annuities?

Information for Our Customers. MetLife no longer sells new life insurance policies, long-term care insurance, disability insurance policies, or annuities to individuals through agents. We continue to enroll eligible employees in existing employer-sponsored retirement plans with or without an agent.

Is MetLife owned by MassMutual?

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., July 5, 2016 – Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) announced today that its acquisition of MetLife’s U.S. retail advisor force – the MetLife Premier Client Group (MPCG) – has been completed.

Are MetLife and Prudential the same?

Prudential and MetLife both have the same financial strength ratings from A.M Best and S&P. They are both rated “Excellent” and both companies have been in business for over 100 years. Both companies have Billions of dollars of life insurance in force, with MetLife having a bit more in force than Prudential.