Is Halo Infinite a reboot?

Is Halo Infinite a reboot?

Halo Infinite’s campaign has been a long time coming, and yet it’s been hard to know what to expect from it. It’s clear that 343 is using Infinite as a soft reboot in an attempt to bring the series back to broader relevance, and it features the most radical changes to the core Halo design since the original game.

Is Halo Infinite a reboot of Halo 5?

The Halo Infinite campaign doesn’t so much address Halo 5: Guardians as it does Combat Evolved. Even though it’s technically a sequel to 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians, Halo Infinite’s mission is not so much to continue the story of the Reclaimer Saga and all the Cortana and Forerunner baggage that comes with it.

Is Halo Infinite The last Halo?

Infinite is the final game in Halo’s informal “Reclaimer Trilogy,” a new plotline that began in 2012 with Halo 4. Under 343’s development, Halo’s multiplayer has been as good as it’s ever been, but its campaigns have been in rough shape.

Will there be a sequel to Halo 5?

Developer 343 Industries has said Infinite is a direct sequel to Halo 5: Guardians, but all of the trailers leading up to the game’s release so far have seemingly steered clear of any specific references to Halo 5’s story.

What makes Halo Infinite different?

The infinite appeal. Halo Infinite’s arena play shines, with fast-paced movement that feels just right and a new emphasis on verticality that makes that movement more important than ever. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer feels a lot like Halo 3 when it comes to TTK, gunplay, and the skill required to actually get kills too.

Are the endless the precursors?

The Precursors and The Forerunners A popular theory going around at the moment is that The Endless are either disciples of the Precursors out for revenge or may even just be the Precursors themselves. In fact, there’s another part of Infinite’s story that seemingly helps support that particular theory.