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How much alcohol is in a 211?

How much alcohol is in a 211?

Steel Reserve is a smooth Malt Liquor brewed with extra malted barley and select hops for high gravity. Steel Reserve High Gravity packs a punch with 8% ABV to provide a beverage option for shedding the stresses of a long day.

Is Steel Reserve 211 discontinued?

The original Steel Reserve 211 is ceasing production, though its fruity spinoffs appear to be surviving. And sticking with malt liquor brands, the higher ABV spinoff Olde English HG 800 will be gone, as will the Magnum brand.

Is steel reserve a good beer?

– Steel Reserve Taste It has a little hoppy bitterness with a dry after-finish. The tasting experience ends with an explosion of malt and white bread; in other words, a stronger but very sweet ale flavor. Steel Reserve has got a lot of punch to it, which makes sense given its high ABV.

How many beers is a steel reserve equal to?

four standard
The Steel Reserve is equivalent to four standard drinks, and at a cost of $1.60 per can, each drink costs only 40 cents—and it tastes like it.

Is 211 a good beer?

Some fruitiness/acetalehyde/green apple “strong beer” flavor. Some bitterness in the finish. Overall: Not terrible, but not too good either.

Will Steel Reserve get me drunk?

At over 8% ABV, it should get you very drunk, depending on the size of the beer. But it is also one of the worst tasting beers on the planet, so I don’t know why you would want to drink it. BTW, “high gravity” means high in sugar. So not only will it get you drunk, but it will also get you very hungover.

Did they stop making 211 beer?

Do they still make Old Style beer?

The brand is now owned by Pabst, as part of its Local Legends portfolio, which also includes Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, Olympia, Lone Star, Stroh’s, and Schmidt’s. Chicago beer historian Liz Garibay once told WBEZ that “Old Style signs are a relic of 1970s industry.

Is Steel Reserve Blue Razz beer?

Steel Reserve Spiked Blue Razz, Alloy Series, Flavored Malt Beverage, 4 Pack, 16 fl. oz. Cans, 8% ABV. Steel Reserve Alloy Series is Flavored Malt Beverage brewed with natural fruit flavors to delight consumers with a bold yet refreshing liquid with a kick at 8% ABV.