What is a skyscraper ad?

What is a skyscraper ad?

What is a Skyscraper Ad? A skyscraper is a vertical banner which appears as a website banner ad or even a social media ad. The dimensions of a skyscraper banners in our world tend to be either 160 x 600 pixels or 120 x 600 pixels.

Is 160×600 a mobile ad size?

160×600 – Skyscraper This ad size is known as a skyscraper ad, a super skyscraper or sometimes a wide skyscraper. The 160×600 ad size is generally placed on the side of a page, so as to show users an ad as they scroll down the page.

What are in banner ads?

Banner advertising, also called display advertising, consists of static or animated images or media and are usually placed in high-visibility areas on high-traffic websites.

What is a Mrec?

MREC is an abbreviation for “medium rectangle” ads. Unlike interstitial ads, MREC ads do not require a fullscreen view. The container size to render an MREC ad is the industry standard: 300×250.

What is a catfish ad?

Catfish is a type of full-width ad that appears at the top or bottom of the browser window and remains on screen until the user closes it by clicking on the Сlose button.

What is a 300×600 ad called?

300×600 ads are also known as a Monster MPU, Half Page Unit (HPU) or Filmstrip. The 300×600 ad can be run in its own ad slot but is more commonly set up as a multi-sized ad slot along with a 300×250.

Which is the largest display banner unit?

A 320×100 ad unit is most commonly used as an ad on smartphones and is the largest of the mobile-specific banner ads.

How big is a banner?

Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes

2 Feet 3 Feet 5 Feet
2′ x 8′ 3′ x 9′ 5′ x 10′
2′ x 12′ 3′ x 12′ 5′ x 12′
2′ x 16′ 3′ x 16′ 5′ x 16′
2′ x 20′ 3′ x 20′ 5′ x 20′