What are the requirements to study Somatology?

What are the requirements to study Somatology?

A National Senior Certificate with a bachelor’s degree or a diploma endorsement, or an relevant qualification, with an achievement level of at least 3 for English (home language or first additional language) and 3 for Mathematics or 4 for Mathematical Literacy and 3 for Life Sciences or 3 for Physical Sciences.

Where can I study diploma in Somatology?

the Cape Peninsula University of Technology
The Department of Wellness Sciences (Somatology) at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology offers internationally recognised qualifications; namely a Diploma in Somatology (NQF level 7) and a BTech in Somatology.

Where can I study Somatology in South Africa?

Institutions Offering Diploma in Somatology

  • Central University of Technology, Bloemfontein. Diploma.
  • Isa Carstens Academy, Pretoria.
  • Centurion Academy, Gauteng.
  • Potchefstroom Academy, Potchefstroom.
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town.

Where can a Somatologist work?

Somatologists are employed by beauty salons, cosmetic companies, electrolysis clinics, gymnasiums, health hydro’s and spas. Somatologists can start their own businesses. The profession is currently striving and working for professional recognition.

How long does it take to study Somatology?

There are many places where you can study somatology. Teixeira recommends a four-year course. The technikon offers two courses, the National Diploma in somatology and the BTech degree in somatology. The diploma is three years long, whereas the degree is four years.

Does UJ offer Somatology?

UJ ​​​​​​​​​Department of Somatology: It covers all information about ​​​​​​​​​Department of Somatology for University of Johannesburg (UJ) in South Africa. University of Johannesburg (UJ) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in several areas of study.

What is a Somatoloog?

: a branch of anthropology primarily concerned with the comparative study of human evolution, variation, and classification especially through measurement and observation.

Can you study Somatology without matric?

A Career in Somatology Requires a Recognised Diploma Qualification. People who want to get ahead and forge a career in this challenging world have to specialise accordingly.

Does Cput offer Somatology?

The Department of Wellness Sciences at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology offers two qualifications, namely a Diploma in Somatology and an Advanced Diploma in Somatology. The previous qualifications, namely the National Diploma in Somatology (since 2018) and the BTech in Somatology being phased out (in 2021).

How do you spell Somatology?

the branch of anthropology that deals with human physical characteristics.

What can I study if I failed matric?

If you have failed more than two (2) subjects, you have two options: (a) – you could apply at a school or private institution to re-do your matric year. (b) – you can apply to a TVET College to obtain a National Certificate Vocational as explained above.

Where can I study if I failed matric?

Skills Academy offers a variety of accredited courses that you can study without Matric.

  • Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Financial Accounting Courses – ICB.
  • Office Administration Courses – ICB.
  • Business Management Courses – ICB.
  • Public Sector Accounting – ICB.
  • Entrepreneurship Courses – ICB.