How do I return a game on Kickstarter?

How do I return a game on Kickstarter?

How do I pledge?

  1. Go to the specific project’s page and click the green “Back this project” button to the right of the main image.
  2. If your reward involves shipping, be sure to select the appropriate country from the drop-down menu and click “Continue” to proceed.

What happens to the money if a Kickstarter project fails?

If a Kickstarter project fails, no money is collected from the backers. Their credit cards are not charged unless the project is 100% funded. If you mean what happens if your reward isn’t delivered, you have recourse available through introducing a civil court case.

Can you take back a Kickstarter pledge?

After your project has been funded, you can cancel and refund a backer’s pledge at any time. If you do, you have no further obligation to that specific backer, and no agreement exists between you. We’ll charge our fees before putting funds in your account.

Can you back a Kickstarter after it ends?

If you weren’t able to pledge to a project before it reached its deadline, or you’ve come across an interesting project that has already ended, it’s no longer possible to pledge to the project through Kickstarter.

What happens when you back a Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is not a store and we do not issue refunds. When you back a project, you’re supporting a creator’s right to try to make something new—and agreeing to go along for the ride. For more information, please read our Terms of Use.

How do I cancel a Kickstarter pledge after funding?

During the last 24 hours of the campaign, you can’t decrease or cancel your pledge without contacting customer support first—if that action would drop the project below its funding goal. Once the project has been funded, you can only cancel or change your pledge by making special arrangements directly with the creator.

What happens if you back a project on Kickstarter?

Do you get a return on investment from Kickstarter?

Backers that support a project on Kickstarter get an inside look at the creative process, and help that project come to life. Project creators keep 100% ownership of their work, and Kickstarter cannot be used to offer equity, financial returns, or to solicit loans.